Wooden Utensils - Eco Natural - Samples

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We have been personalizing cutlery for quite some time and our impressions are made with care. We individually stamp each one. The rough texture of wood will result in different ink transfer patterns. The photographs depict a typical completed product and an example of a finished product that will be shipped. :) We know you will love them!

We offer a single sample set so that you can test drive your Messageware before you purchase in large quantity.

You will be sent a random phrase - we ship based on your drop down choice for size - choose 4.5" spoon or 5.5" inch knife-fork-spoon or 6.5" knife-fork-spoon.

Standard kitchen cutlery is approximately 7 1/2"; these are smaller in scale.  They are suitable for use with many foods, sized similarly to a take-out utensil set.