Single Sample - Printed Clear Tube and Corks - Love is Sweet Black Printing - Candy Favor - Wedding - Party

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*** DO NOT WASH IN DISHWASHER; if needed, hand wash only. ***


The perfect favor packaging for weddings, anniversaries, conventions or business events!

Tubes are marked " { love is sweet } in black. These are pre-printed, stocked and ready to ship. *** SEE our OTHER LISTINGS for custom prints. ***

Plastic molded from premium FDA approved food & laboratory grade polystyrene; material is rigid - there are no striations and vials are clear material. The walls are thicker and non-flexible. (The other tubes in our shop are extruded PET plastic and are flexible, in comparison).*** They are packaged in bulk, so there will be a scuff marks from the tubes touching each other and from printing, but when filled you are not able to see the markings. We suggestion you order a SAMPLE for testing if you feel the markings will be trouble for your product application. *** In the top photo, if you super-size the photo, you can see the markings on the tube (2nd tube from front is most visible).

They are very cool when filled with all kinds of goodies for favors - rice, birdseed, candy coated goodies. They hold 21-25 jelly beans or skittle-like candies.

Polystyrene is commonly used in food packaging and service due to its strength and clarity. (For example: clear plastic cutlery and clear party cups).

These fabulous tubes are 25mm (1 inch) ID diameter and approximately 3.75" tall. *** Your tubes include corks that fit perfectly inside.*** No need to search for the perfect closure for these tubes.

Corks provide a nice seal (and I offer clear seals if you need them), however do not push in the cork as you would a wine cork! As the plastic is not flexible, they can crack when subjected to heavy pushing. Or car tires. Or a fall from a three story building... just don't do it.