Recycle "Ugly" Boxes Sticker - 3 x 3 Stickers - Glossy UV

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Your boxes may be ugly, but the sticker can be cute!  Let your customers know that you are passionate about recycling.

I have always used recycled boxes for shipping and they look rough sometimes! I have always wondered what happens on the other end... "Couldn't they afford a new box?". I started using these stickers to let everyone know that the ugly box was intentional. You can order some, too!

The stickers are attention-getting - glossy and UV coated. They are a nice size - 3" x 3" so they fit a variety of boxes, large and small. Your stickers arrive individually pre-cut. Each square has a crack-and-peel back... just bend to expose the backing, peel off and apply! They store easily and are easy to grab and stick.

This design has a white background; graphic is deep green and black; the info really stands out.  These stickers are tradmarked as property of InkScissorsPaper and cannot be duplicated.

Base pack size is 25 stickers.  Use radio buttons below to select higher quantities.