Plastic Bottles Aluminum Lids - 8 Ounce Capacity - Crystal Clear PET - Perfect for Parties or Lunches

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So many uses for these fabulous bottles! And no worries over breakage - they are plastic. They are sturdy and can be washed and re-used! (Recommend hand washing). Plastic bottles can scratch; rigid plastic is prone to scratches and marring (as opposed to glass). Typically, scratches or marks that are visible when the jars are empty are difficult to visualize once the bottle has been filled.

The caps I provide are not plastic, but sleek-looking metal! Aluminum, lined lids are included. They look oh-so retro and are ready for a party. PET construction, square bottles with wide mouths - great for candy, spices, milk! Package them with cute homemade mixes for the holidays, embellish and gift! Labels, tags and twine are sold separately in the shop.

You will receiveempty bottles and metal (aluminum) lids. Each bottle is approximately 2" wide, 2" deep and 5" tall. Holds 8 ounces - a great size for lunch boxes, parties, storage.  Also great for favors, gifts and storage.

Base pack size is 10 bottles and lids.