FDA Clear Plastic Gumball or Candy Favor Tubes and Corks - 8 Inch

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Empty clear plastic food storage tubes + natural corks, approximately 1 1/8" in diameter by 8" long, natural cork.  (Photos show 6" tubes).

For "enjoy!" and other slender tags; please view the tags here.

Base pack size is 12 tubes; purchase fewer or more tubes as needed - use radio buttons below to select larger quantitites.

The gumballs shown are 1" "double bubble" brand gumballs.  Shown tied with 10 ply red and white twine and our "enjoy!" tags - both sold separately. 

- clear plastic, safe for food contact
- flat bottom
- extruded plastic
- natural cork stopper
- tube approximately 8" tall
- corks extends approximately 11/16" above top of tube