FDA Clear Plastic 4 Inch Square Gumball or Candy Favor Tubes

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We are excited about our new style of tubes! They are available in twothree lengths - 4", 6" and 8". These tubes are constructed of FDA materials and can be used for direct food contact. The 4" tube fits 4 of the 1" gumballs nicely. They are also ADORABLE with Starburst candies stacked inside. The possibilities are endless!!

Base pack size of 12 empty clear plastic storage tubes + clear caps, approximately 1 inch in diameter and 4 inches long. 4" interior usable space with cap. Caps fit nicely over the top, however we recommend using washi or some other type of seal if you will be inverting the tubes regularly or if they are being used for favors.  Caps are relatively tight-fitting, but if you need extra insurance against opening, we recommend it.

A versatile storage solution for packaging, display and favors. Package your goods for shipment: jewelry, beads, rolled items, etc. Great for display of color or small items. Organize in style! 

- clear, FDA plastic safe for food contact
- flat, heat sealed bottom 
- extruded plastic
- square tube with rounded corners
- clear outer cap
- tube usable space with cap is 4"

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