Clear Printed "enjoy!" Test Tubes and Corks - Candy Favor

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Exclusive InkScissorsPaper designed printed plastic tubes and corks, approximately 4" in length and .67" diameter (17mm). Approx 1/2 ounce capacity.
Printed with "enjoy!" in black ink.
*** These tubes are graduated; they have markings on the plastic (see center photo for details). Perfect for mad science parties!

Photos show tubes not filled; this size tube is perfect for candy coated chocolates (such as M&M candies); they are a touch larger than an M&M candy or Reese's Pieces.
A perfect snack quantity or favor.
Great for kids' parties! 
Base pack size is 15 tubes and 15 corks, polystyrene. Small scratches may be present due to nature of plastic material; when filled, markings are not very noticeable.