Lauren & Holden's Wedding - A Family Project

Feb 15th 2015

It was a big event for us... our only daughter's wedding.  

Lauren & Holden were engaged in July and had already decided the MUST be married at Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley, Texas.  That was a story in itself... Lauren fell in love with the venue when she had seen photos years prior.  We had no idea it was in Wimberley and we were stunned to stumble upon it when we were looking for a new home for our business.  Little did we know at that time that her dream venue was less than 2 miles from our new barn!

The only problem was that the venue is booked well in advance and was not available until late the following year.  So, a January wedding seemed like a great idea... during her break from school (Lauren was a senior in the Nuclear Engineering program at Texas A&M - whoop!).  

So there we had it - in late July planning a January wedding.  

The most amazing thing about this amazing day was that everyone in our family had something handmade to contribute. There were so many special contributions to the day, that I can't tell you my favorite, but I do know that the day would not have had "that" feel which we could not describe with words without each and every detail. We are so grateful to have creative and thoughtful friends and a "we can make that" family spirit.  It's what makes are family special.  Not always sane, but always special.